Intercom System Installation

Intercom System Installation

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Communicate more conveniently and enhance protection at your home, office or business with top of the line intercom systems, featuring camera and video, remote control and mobile App
AHS is a leading security company and intercom installer based in New York City. We specialize in installation, upgrade, replacement, repair and maintenance of audio/video intercom systems from the world’s most trusted brands, including Comelit, Aiphone, Siedle and others.
From residential intercom systems for apartment buildings to commercial intercom systems for offices, businesses, schools, hospitals and more, our top of the line intercom solutions are an efficient way to better security and visitor identification at your facility, whether performing a system upgrade, replacing an existing system or installing a complete new system.

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At AHS we provide intercom installation for residences, businesses and institutions in the Great NYC area. Our company features the best intercom brands in the industry with names such as Doorking, Linear, Apple Core, Aiphone and Newton. Our intercom systems are state of the art technology providing quality audio communication in all installed areas. We can install residential and commercial intercoms that include audio/video components, front door access control and connections through phone lines.


We will arrive on site, and help you decide on the best intercom system for your home, office or institution. Our hardware is never secondhand, and all of our products are new and operative systems that can service any of your security concerns. You can visit our store and let us help you find the intercom right for your situation. Our professional technicians are effective in the installation process and will make sure that your systems are properly installed and will instruct you on how to use your intercom systems.

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We’ll do the work for you to quickly find a few quality access control system dealers who can help fulfill your needs. You save when dealers provide competing price quotes to win your business. AHS has helped thousands of businesses find a great access control system at the right price.

Cloud Based

Wherever you have access to a mobile device “cellphone” you can control who access your building entrance door. Tenants and property managers in any type of property can grant access to the front building entrance from anywhere they have access to a mobile device “smartphone”. These Video Intercoms provides an elegant key-less touchscreen experience at an affordable price. Once the intercom has been installed and the app has been downloaded, a visitor calls from the intercom comes through the app as a video call wherever you are so you can view the visitor before granting them access to the building.

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Menash ZadikMay 10, 2019

Used them to repair and then replace an intercom system i have at a building i own. Service is excellent. The office communicated not only with me, but with my tenants directly. The parts arrived on the day they said they would, and the installation was flawless. Highly recommended. Friendly, professional, and responsive.

Shai MagenJuly 27, 2019

Albert Home Services are extremely responsive, knowledgeable about the space and by far the easiest team to work with in the home security space. Their professionalism is unrivaled. I highly recommend reaching out to them and working with them


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