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Top Five Intercom System Brands For Your NYC Office Building

Before we dive into the best intercom system brands you can make use of in your NYC office building; there are some clear-cut explanations to give about intercom systems.On a general note, the intercom systems are rated among some of the most common security features to be found in our homes, apartments and even commercial buildings.

Currently, you can find some sort of intercom system in almost all apartment buildings as well as offices.

Bear in mind that, these intercom systems enable apartment tenants as well as commercial security teams to carry out some functions such as:

  • Interacting with visitors
  • Managing deliveries, and;
  • Controlling access to buildings

Note that every intercom system makes use of audio. This is done to enable visitors to speak directly with residents. However, some of the intercom systems we have today now feature video to boost security and communication.

Furthermore, some top brands offer their very own mobile application for their intercom system integration. Some of these brands include:

  • ABB
  • Aiphone
  • SSS Siedle
  • LeeDan, and;
  • Comelit, etc.

Five Intercom System Brands

Getting back on track about the topic at hand, some of the top five Intercom system brands for your business in New York City include:

  • Chamberlain NLS2

This intercom system brand can be effectively utilized for much easier and dependable interaction between the office and a reception desk, the bedroom, and the basement or practically any place within a thousand feet from one another.

Moreover, the Chamberlain NLS2 is an amazing choice and all that is needed to make it work is to simply push to talk then release to listen

  • Calford FM

This intercom system can be linked to about three rooms in both the office and your home. It is a device that enables swift interaction between the people who are interested in keeping close contact.

Its installation is actually easy since there is no need for any wire and when it comes down to its operation, it is similar to simply pressing one, two or three with the talk button.

  • Samcom Digital

To keep close communication with staff, nanny, or even a groundskeeper without leaving your desk or living room, Samcom Digital is the intercom system you need.

It comes simply with just one unit and a walkie talkie; however, you are free to purchase more of it simply to widen the system as much as you want.

  • Intercom Central 246

This intercom system practically comes with about four units that interact with one another through the power lines in the home.

What this implies is that there are no complicated installations and you will not need to call an electrician. All you need to do is to plug it in and instantly start making conversations.

  • Hosmart 7-Channel

It gladly comes along in your choice of about one to six units and it can be bought with about two walkie talkies just to make it interesting for the kids.The Hosmart 7-channel provides over a one thousand five hundred feet interaction range between devices. However, this is more than enough for an average home.

  To Sum It Up

These are just some of the top brand intercom systems you can purchase from some of the companies that have been mentioned above. They are highly effective and do not have any problem as you interact with staff all around the office or home.

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