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An intercom system is a standalone communication system that is usually used within a collection of buildings or a building, and it makes it possible to communicate with someone on your doorstep. Installing an intercom is among the many ways of improving security in your home. With an intercom system, you will be able to tell who is at your door. Thus, this makes it the perfect tool to guarantee the safety of you and your family as you get to know in advance who is at the door before opening it. Deciding the best intercom for you can, however, be confusing due to the many different models in the market. To make a decision, you need to consider the features as well as the price of the intercom. With this in mind, we will take you through the factors you should consider when looking for the best intercom in NYC that best suits your needs.

Identify the different kinds of intercom systems

Available on the market nowadays are different types of intercom systems for your home. Intercoms are classified into three categories;

  • Wired intercom systems
  • Wireless intercom systems
  • Video intercom systems

The wired intercom systems are typically hardwired into the building’s fabric. This intercom connects by making use of a network of wires that run within you’re the walls of your home, through the floor or ceiling spaces.

Furthermore, these intercom systems are fixed to your home permanently, but their performance varies. The best Nikvision intercom, best Aiphone intercom system and best ABB intercom system usually produce different results. By pushing the button of this intercom, communication is made possible as the voice signals get carried across the direct current power rail utilizing a pair of conductors.

The wireless intercom systems, a function similar to the wired intercom systems, but use WIFI instead of a wired connection, especially in situations where the use of wires is not feasible.

Lastly, the video intercom system features a speaker and a camera. Likewise, it features an internal monitor that allows communication between the entrance unit plus a push button located on the entry door, enabling it to open it need be.

Do you require video capabilities?

You should consider having a video intercom for added security, control and convenience. Several intercoms nowadays like the best ABB intercom, and best Nikvision intercom features an in-built camera which allows streaming of video. This feature provides you with visual identification before choosing whether or not to open your door.

To get the best experience, get the wired video intercoms rather than the wireless models as they deliver consistent and reliable images plus the audio quality is also better. Moreover, for the best picture quality, go for models that have HD color video. Oher additional features include tilt camera, zoom, picture memory and pan.

Do you want any additional features?

Most of the intercom nowadays incorporate impressive additional features and numerous options to supplement the standard ones. These features improve every aspect of the intercom from convenience, cosmetic concerns like the screen’s interface style and security. Some of these extra features include;

  • Elevator restriction capability
  • Panic alarm switches
  • Network connectivity
  • A help button that activates video instructions
  • Programmable welcome message
  • Magnetic tamper switch
  • An email feature for private messages between occupants and guests
  • Configurable screens, layouts and themes for a customizable design
  • Numerous programming options like remotely with a computer or phone
  • Multiple language support and translation option

How many people use the intercom system?

The main thing to consider before deciding on the potential intercom system to install is the size of the apartment. Some of the best Aiphone intercom systems, as well as the best ABB intercom system, incorporate designs which perfectly meet the needs of bigger buildings like condominiums and high-rise apartments. Also, the performance of other intercom is best on a small scale. Additionally, whereas comparing the access-code capabilities and name is essential, you must not forget about the intercom’s user experience. Is the information on the intercom clear for people with poor eyesight? How easy is it to search or browse through the intercom? Lastly, you need first to see how the intercom system runs, either by watching a demo, experiencing it firsthand or watching images on its interface.

Should your intercom integrate with the locking system?

Adements in technology allow intercoms presently to be integrated into the access control system. Also, these intercoms from which include the best Nikvision intercom models will enable you to lock entry and exit points, open doors, operate gates plus can be incorporate with serval surveillance systems like the CCTV. If you want secure access to your premises either because of your children or a parent with dementia, installing an integrated intercom system is vital.

Where will the intercom system be placed?

Deciding where an intercom system will be placed is a practical question you need to consider. There are luckily are many intercoms that incorporate numerous mounting options for convenient installation. Some of the most popular mounting options include recessed, flush-mounted, standalone kiosk and gooseneck.

You can get the hooded intercom units which provide in-built protection from the rain. This makes them the ideal pick for outdoor applications like the entrances to industrial facilities, apartment buildings and gated communities. Intercom systems positioned outside the building are often vulnerable to tampering. Therefore, you should look for models which offer protective features such as a tamper-resistant speaker, a rugged enclosure as well as a postal lock provision.

For confined spaces, go for specially designed intercom systems that are slim which guarantee a perfect fit whereas still enabling you to access the interface conveniently.

Finally, the outdoor intercom systems like the best Nikvision intercom models perform under a wide variety of visibility and lighting conditions. You need to avoid LCDs for outdoor intercoms, mainly if the lighting system cannot be controlled tightly. Instead, you should go for the electroluminescent (EL) display which delivers high-quality pictures consistently.

Deliberate on the required number of door stations

Most individuals look for an intercom system which covers the front door only. However, the number of intercoms needed usually depends on the type of household, type of property and access. Typically, an intercom system that is ideal for two-door stations is perfect. For instance, if your house has both a front and back door, an intercom should be fixed on both.

Do you require an intercom system that operates remotely?

With the current technological advancements in smartphones and mobile technology, certain intercoms such as the best Aiphone intercom systems allow you to answer even when you are not in your home. Whenever someone comes to your door and rings the smart doorbell, you get to view through your smartphone so long as you have the connectivity. You can then communicate with the visitor, and this gives the impression you are in the premises making this an incredible security feature.

If you often are away from your home for more than a day, this type of intercom system is perfect with you as it allows you to monitor your home even while you are away.

Planning how you intend to utilize the intercom in your daily routine allows you to review intercom systems which will meet your needs perfectly.

Apartment safety

If you live several floors up, it is crucial you first know who is entering the building not only for your safety but also for your neighbor’s. Thus, installing an appropriate intercom system for your home is essential even if you have street-level access.

The main reason for the intercom is enabling communication between the person looking to access the building. Only residents, friends, family members, plus service and delivery personnel should be allowed into the premises. Anyone who does not have a good reason must never be given access to the property. Additionally, if you have any difficulties with mobility, you need to install automated access hence not requiring you to use the lift or run up and down the stairs. Before installing an intercom system, you must first access the building’s layout, the number of persons using the intercom, the exit and entry point plus if integration with other systems is possible.

Get advice from a professional firm

Presently, you find numerous intercoms systems on the market to satisfy all our different individual needs. Therefore, seeking advice from an expert is crucial as they provide you with information and facts about intercoms. Also, asses your requirements hence help establish which best intercom system in NYC for your needs.


With all these considerations in mind, you will be better placed to find a high quality intercom system to suit your needs. Consequently, you will be able to ensure anyone who has access to your premises is either a friend, family member of a delivery personnel. If you are looking for an intercom system installation and repair contractor, look no further than Bestintercomnyc for professional and reliable services. Therefore, you can be sure your safety and that of your family is enhanced significantly.


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