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At different points in time, be it in a movie or real life, we have all heard about the great city of New York.So many people wish to visit this city at one point in their lifetime and for others, they have the grand opportunity of actually calling such an incredible city, home.

Nonetheless, similar to every other big city we have heard about, the amazing New York is undeniably home to some crime issues as well as issues bothering on our safety. These are some of the things that residents of NYC have to face daily.However, in all of this, there are companies such as Comelit, ABB, and even SSS Siedle that are creating devices and equipment that will help in keeping people safe.Bear in mind that, your home is your refuge and when you keep it secure and protected at all times, it is essential in maintaining your comfort as well as safety in your apartment.

We will be analyzing some tips you can try out in keeping your home safe as long as you reside in New York City.

Safety And Security Tips You Need

Some of the home security tips you can adhere to and live by include:

  • Lock Your Front Door

To most people, this right here is a no-brainer. However, it will come off as a shocker that there are people who forget to lock their front door when they dash out to probably get the mail, walk their dogs or maybe carry out some little tasks.

Nevertheless, you should never forget to lock your door as you leave the house. Immediately you get home, lock the door and in no time, this will be a very simple habit to get used to.

  • Lock Your Windows And Test Them

While locking the windows seems to be normal, however, some of us may be lost on the testing part of it. What we mean by testing is that, after locking the window, you should give it a good yet sturdy tug. You can try this more than once.

Should the window open, then that is a bad sign. But, you can always check to see if the locking lever is moving. Note that, this lever should not move and if it does, you will have to replace the window locks.

  • Quit Hiding Your Keys

While this worked back in the day, and even works in some places currently, it is no longer working in NYC.

Security companies like Comelit will advise not to even leave a key with that doorman of yours, for those who have one.

If you have the burning need to always allow people to get into your home, you can try getting your hands on the video intercom system that has remote abilities from companies like Aiphone.

  • Your Alarm Should Be On

According to the NYC police, they noticed that most of the homes that were burglarized had really good alarm systems but the issue was that, they were not armed. Once again, this boils down hard to your habit.

Everyone should get used to setting up their alarm whenever they leave the home and as they return from their various locations. Residents should always endeavor to make sure their alarm monitoring provider is not just reputable but certified.

       To Wrap It Up

While there are people who before now have been following these steps judiciously to the latter, there are those who are guilty of defaulting.Once again, NYC, like so many other big cities, is home to so many crimes. The least you can do is to protect yourself in the best way possible.

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