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An Intercom is an electronic device defined as exchange of information in two-way communication process for receiving and transmitting audio and video signals. With the advent of cellular communication, digital telephone systems, and other communication devices, the use of intercoms has declined. However, there are still lots of applications where these devices still work better than anything else such as it works excellently for door communications. In telecommunication, a term full-duplex is used to describe intercom.

In full-duplex, information is received and transferred in only one direction to ensure security of
information. Contingent upon the fundamental innovation, different strategies are utilized to accomplish the trading of data in the two headings by means of a typical medium. Simple communication utilizes the supposed half and half end circuit. It guarantees that the two-way voice sign can consolidation and independent. For the most part in advanced communication,
different duplex frameworks, for example, time division duplex, recurrence division duplex or code duplex are utilized to separate voice bearings for example through independent recurrence extents or transmission schedule openings. Cell phone organizes for the most part utilize a blend of recurrence division and time division multiplex. The client sends transmission information by means of his/her cell phone by means of an exceptional uplink recurrence and gets information by means of the downlink recurrence in a particular vacancy.

It is frequently conceivable to coordinate the elements of radio gadgets, as found on loft or house entryways, into a phone framework. In such a case, the call members can speak with guests at the house entryway through the phone framework utilizing the radio capacity. At the point when a guest rings the entryway chime, it is motioned similarly as a phone call and the radio capacity permits correspondence with the guest like a typical telephone call. In the event that cell phones are incorporated into the phone framework, at that point the radio capacity with guests can, on a fundamental level, be utilized at any ideal area. For the most part, it is likewise conceivable to open the entryway straightforwardly by means of the phone by squeezing certain capacity keys.

Different types of intercoms are used now a day to ensure security including:

 Wireless Intercoms
It is used in areas, where it is difficult to run wires.

 Wired Intercom Systems
Its use gives you a little more privacy and eliminates possible interference from neighboring

 Video Intercom
Typically it is installed at door entrance with a push button, speaker and a camera to monitor
internal area and easily communicate with person at door entrance.

 Apartment Intercoms
It is used to unlock specific door by pressing the exact button of the door in which visitor have to enter and communicate with the owner and then unlock the door by pressing the button.

 Security intercom systems
Security intercom systems are used to provide voice communications between two or more
locations for security purposes. Security intercom systems are frequently used between a
locked building entrance door and a constantly attended location in the building.