Best Price, Quality & Warranty: Call 917-338-6440 now for Intercom system repair or installation in NYC (Brooklyn & Queens). Nothing is more important than the security of your home and your family. We all want to keep the bad guys away. Nothing helps more to keep criminals away from your living areas than security systems. We offer a wide array of services that will give you the peace of mind you desire. The following are a list of services that we can provide to you.

Intercom Systems

The best option today is to get rid of your old annoying doorbell and install a video intercom doorbell. This will allow you to see exactly who is at your door and be able to speak to them before they come in. This answers all the questions of who, what and why and allows you to open your home to the incoming patron comfortably. Learn more about new age intercom security systems now.

Alarm Systems, CCTV & Cameras

The  burglar alarm is not a new invention. It works simply and effectively. If someone breaks into your home it will beep and call the police automatically. Great for when you are home and great for when you are away from home.

CCTV and security cameras are advances surveillance mechanisms for businesses or very large homes. They are more advanced than a simple intercom video mechanisms. and carry a lot more features. They are connected to a network and offer many high resolution angles that can be viewed live and online. Call now for Brooklyn Intercom Systems Repair & Installation. We’ll be at your door for a free on-site estimate in no time.

NYC’s Absolute Best In Intercoms & Security

We provide authentic and reliable intercom services, support and maintenance along with system installation best fitted for Residential and Commercial Applications. All services we provide, are geared towards finding the BEST fit for your environment. We work with  Pride, Honesty and Integrity, constantly improving in our never ending quest for Total Customer Satisfaction in all regards.

Our team designs and installs the highest quality, state-of-the-art audio and video intercom systems for your NYC buildings or businesses. We offer professional intercom system installation to the entire Tristate Area, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and The Bronx.  As industry leader, we provide superior products and services in the intercom industry, offering genuine value and single point-of-contact for both commercial and private clients needing assistance with Intercom systems. With state-of-the-art technology and expertly trained, highly skilled personnel, we maintain an unwavering commitment to not only meeting, but also exceeding clients’ security and protection objectives. Whether long-term or short-term, our team supports each customer’s unique needs, providing simple and cost effective solutions designed to remove the guess work in finding the right provider.    Whether you are looking for a conventional audio, phone-based, IP-based, or a simple video intercom system for your home,  business or building, we will find and match the best intercom system for your needs within your budget. Even if you have special requirements such as Smart-Phone Intercom or a fully automated, supervised  system, that is capable of working without you ever  being onsite, we have you covered.  We will gladly give you a consultation on how you can achieve the full usable benefits of implementing a high-tech intercom system without having to replace any wiring,  eliminating damage to the building and adding major value to your property.  Finally,  you can have complete confidence and piece of mind in our team’s ability to deliver on its promises.  Our team’s combined experience of 25+ years  in repairing all brands of intercom systems including audio & video and telephone entry system, will  remove the laborious task of finding a reputable company to work with. If you need more reassurance,  please look at the positive feedback we have received from our happy customers.

In addition to tradition and modern intercom services, we at  can provide you with complete Security/Automation solutions in your home, office, property or organization. We will make sure that correct locks are installed in conjunction with your intercom systems by assuring the balance with the fire regulations.  Our dedicated team of professionals will make sure that our customers receive the best of the best services.

In conclusion, it’s all really simple, a visitor will come to your property or house or organization and ring your door bell. That same doorbell, will notify you immediately that there is a person outside of your door and allow you to fully interact and have a full view of the person who just rang. You can see direct video and audio of that person and speak to them without ever coming downstairs, all from the convenience of your location. If you decide to open the door for this person to come in, simply press a button and unlock the door. That is easy, simple and convenient.